A Few Health and Safety Tips for a Painter and Decorator

Painting and decorating services are used all around the world on a daily basis. Both commercial and residential properties use the same at some point or the other. There are various companies providing a team of professional painters and decorators to do the job. There are a number of risks that they have to undertake regularly. While you may not associate this job with risks, you will be surprised to know the kind of situations that they face. Read on to know more about the health and safety tips for painters and decorators.

Risk Assessment

The first thing that you need to do before sending a team of professionals on a duty is risk assessment. The purpose of this evaluation is to identify the ways in which the risks can be reduced. This assessment has to be done meticulously so that all the on-duty mishaps can be avoided.


Before assigning jobs to the professionals, proper training has to be imparted so that they do not end up injuring themselves at work. If a painter injures himself on the job due to lack of training, then he has the right to claim for injuries.

Attention to Detail

While doing the risk assessment, the company needs to pay close attention to every detail that might pose a potential risk to the worker. On the job, you might have to hang from a height to paint the building, or be exposed to electrical wires. Hence, these have to be taken care of during the evaluation.

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